Accessories for Safety Caps / Safety Waste Caps

S.C.A.T  Accessories for Safety Caps / Safety Waste Caps
DescriptionSpecificationForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Triple collector, angled2 connections for 3.2 mm external Ø 1323160130-64.47Order
Triple collector, angled3 connections for 3.2 mm external Ø 1323160131-64.47Order
Triple collector, straight3 connections for 3.2 mm external Øsafety waste caps1323160132-40.99Order
Blind plugfor tube connectorssafety caps1323160506-15.68Order
Thread adapter, PTFE, whitevessel GL 40 / S 40, safety cap GL 45safety caps1323107991-53.30Order
Canister S 60 / 61, with mechanical level control, 10 lelectrostatic conductive, PEHD, 185 x 265 x 290 1323108042-111.62Order
Venting valvemax. 150 ml / minsafety caps1323117010-25.01Order
Further configurations are available on request.