Accessories for Miele Washing Machines and Disinfectors

Accessories for Miele Washing Machines and Disinfectors  Miele
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Magnet strip ML / 2for G 7835 CD-machines15803772-on demand 
U 874 / 1 - lower basketfor several inserts15803774-on demand 
AK 12 - insert basket 1/2for beakers15803729-on demand 
E 109 - insert 1/2for 21 beakers 250 ml15803727-on demand 
E 110 - insert 1/2for 21 beakers 250 to 600 ml15803728-on demand 
E 103 / 1 - insert 1/4for approx. 200 test tubes, 12 x 75 mm15803717-on demand 
E 104 / 1- insert 1/4for approx. 200 test tubes, 12 x 105 mm15803730-on demand 
E 105 / 1- insert 1/4for approx. 200 test tubes, 12 x 165 mm15803731-on demand 
E 139 / 1- insert 1/4for approx. 200 test tubes, 12 x 200 mm15803733-on demand 
E 329 - mobile injector unitfor G 7883, with 39 jets assorted15803735-on demand 
E 414 - mobile injector unitnot for G 7883, with 37 jets, assorted, for automatic mobile unit recognition15803724-on demand 
St. steel lid DE-CS7-78for G 7883 CD and PG 853515803771-on demand 
O 188 / 2 - upper basket215 x 531 x 475 mm15423715-on demand 
A 14 - quarter-lidfor AK 12, 20 x 210 x 210 mm15423716-on demand 
E 340 - mobile injector unitwith 19 jets for narrow mouth glassware15423717-on demand 
E 385 TA - mobile injector unitwith 16 jets for narrow mouth glassware15423718-on demand 
O 190 / 2 - upper basketfor several inserts15803723-on demand 
E 106 - insert 1/2with 26 spring clips on 2 heights15803718-on demand 
A 2 - cover netfor 1/2-inserts15803720-on demand 
A 3 - Cover netfor 1/4-inserts15803738-on demand 
E 350 - Mobile injector unitwith 33 jets15803744-on demand 
E 380 - Mobile injector unit*with 32 jets, for automatic mobile unit recognition15803745-on demand 
E 404 / 1 - Mobile injector unit**for 38 pipettes in 3 rows15803773-on demand