FoodALYT RS / RT Compact Heating Systems and Serial Heating Block Systems

The Compact Heating Systems, as well as the Serial Heating Block Systems FoodALYT RS and RT are used for standard fat extraction acc. to Soxhlet or Twisselmann. Depending on model and configuration, the unit consists of either 1, 4 or 6 individually adjustable heating positions for 250 ml flat bottom flasks which are used in conjunction with extractors of 100 ml. FoodALYT RS and RT are the economical and user-friendly units for extraction in this segment. Other sizes of reaction vessels and extractors are available on request.
With FoodALYT we provide experienced and praticable systems - made in Germany - with a balanced cost-benefit ratio. All products are CE conform and certified.
  • Each sample position is individually adjustable.
  • Cooling water distributor ensures even cooling at all sample positions.
  • Practical stand for holding condensers securely between extractions.
  • Mounts for safe holding spacers after removal of the reaction vessels.

Field of application:
FoodALYT RS: fat extraction acc. to Soxhlet.
FoodALYT RT: fat extraction acc. to Twisselmann.

Items supplied:
Devices are supplied with heating block, glassware, holding frame and drip pan.
Technical Data:
Mains supply230 V / 50 Hz
FoodALYT RS 10 / RT 10

450 W
Charging rate:2 A
Weight (without glass):approx. 3 kg
FoodALYT RS 40 / RT 40

1140 W
Charging rate:8 A
Weight (without glass):approx. 15 kg
FoodALYT RS 60 / RT 60
Power:2160 W
Charging rate:10 A
Weight (without glass):approx. 20 kg
FoodALYT RS / RT Compact Heating Systems and Serial Heating Block Systems
TypeNo. of
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
FoodALYT RS 101Soxhletapprox. 17 x 20 x 771F4700070-on demand 
FoodALYT RS 404Soxhletapprox. 53 x 32 x 831F4700001-on demand 
FoodALYT RS 606Soxhletapprox. 76 x 32 x 831F4700000-on demand 
FoodALYT RT 101Twisselmannapprox. 17 x 20 x 951F4700071-on demand 
FoodALYT RT 404Twisselmannapprox. 53 x 32 x 1021F4700003-on demand 
FoodALYT RT 606Twisselmannapprox. 76 x 32 x 1021F4700002-on demand 
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