Accessories for FoodALYT D Steam Distillation Units

TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.  Price/Unit/GBP 
F-KS 20 set of canisters for D 1000 and D 2000consisting of 2 canisters of 20 l, incl. float switch1F4700026- on demand 
F-KS 30 set of canisters for D 3000consisting of 3 canisters of 20 l, incl. float switch1F4700027- on demand 
F-KS 40 set of canisters for D 4000 and D 5000consisting of 4 canisters of 20 l, incl. float switch1F4700028- on demand 
F-TS 1000 titrator TitroLine® 5000 1F4700078- 2,613.60Order
F-ADB adapter for Büchi glasses 1F4700061- on demand 
FoodALYT software, automatic data evaluation and storagefor D 50001F4700170- on demand 
Viton seals 1F4750106- on demand