NS Ground Joints Clips - Conical Joints

Safe and universal ground joints clips for all applications. Increases the safety of glass instruments; the symmetric, slim and aligned design solves various application problems of common clips and clamps. Can be used with stand-clamps or to secure all flasks and bottles with standard ground joints and glass stoppers.
  • Easy to mount and to remove due to two-sided handles.
  • Longevity of suspension and does not alter its shape due to tempered material.
  • Will not break or age because of outstanding thermal, chemical and acid resistance, due to stainless spring-wire steel AISI 316 Ti, Cr-Ni-Mo 17-12-2 (1.4568).
  • Minimised scratch of glass surface due to polished surface of material.
  • Made in Germany, production certified acc. to ISO 9001.
  • Can also be used to secure flasks with ground joints, stopcocks, vacuum-stopcocks and reagent bottles with glass stoppers.
  • Secure horizontal and vertical conjunction with vertical suspension in case of pressure overload.
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Clipox®  NS Ground Joints Clips - Conical Joints
Clipox®  NS Ground Joints Clips - Conical JointsClipox®  NS Ground Joints Clips - Conical Joints    
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