FoodALYT TS 10 Manual Titration Station

The Manual Titration Station FoodALYT TS 10 completes the product range of FoodALYT SBS, FoodALYT IR and FoodALYT D within the nitrogen determination acc. to Kjeldahl.
With FoodALYT we provide experienced and praticable systems - made in Germany - with a balanced cost-benefit ratio. All products are CE conform and certified.
  • Neutral background screen, designed with angled wings, which also protect against lateral glare, ensures precise determination of colour change at the end of titration.
  • Carrying out titrations under similar visual conditions achieves better accuracy and reproducibility of results.
  • Precise positioning of Erlenmeyer flasks in the holder on the top of the magnetic stirrer.

Items supplied:
The FoodALYT TS 10 consists of a burette with digital display, magnetic stirrer with accurately fitting holder for Erlenmeyer flasks and a laboratory glass bottle 2000 ml with DIN thread GL 45.

Field of application:
FoodALYT TS 10: nitrogen determination acc. to Kjeldahl.
Technical Data:
Mains supply:230 V / 50 Hz
Weight (incl. vessels):approx. 4 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H):approx. 33 x 20 x 60 cm
FoodALYT TS 10 Manual Titration Station
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FoodALYT TS 10 Manual Titration Station1F4700073-on demand 
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