Package: FoodALYT D 5000 Steam Distillation Unit

The robust and durable case of FoodALYT D 5000 consists of polyurethane. Exemplary safety, performance, reliability and user comfort.
  • Fully automatic sample analysis possible.
  • Stand-by operation between distillations.
  • Extremely simple and fast programming per one-button operation.
  • Start / Stop of the distillation via time setting.
  • Optical and acoustic fault alarms.
  • Door contact safety switch.
  • Menu designed in various languages.
  • Separate rinsing programme.
  • Programmable reaction and distillation time.
  • Automatic steam generation.
  • Steam generating capacity adjustable from 30 to 100 %.
  • Filling level monitoring for canister set.
  • Various glass digestion vessels usable.
  • RS232 interface.

Fields of application:
  • Manual and automatic addition of H2O and NaOH.
  • Manual and automatic addition of H3BO3.
  • Manual and automatic suction extraction of sample residues.
  • Prepared for external titration and printer.

Items supplied:
  • All steam distillation units are delivered as complete systems incl. digestion vessel.
  • TitroLine® easy module 2 for pH titrations: automatic titrator (piston burette and pH meter) with dosage unit, titration tip, stand rod, titration tip holder, magnetic stirrer TM 96, pH combination electrode, buffer set.
Technical Data:
Voltage:230 V / 50 Hz
Power input:1700 W
Charging rate:9 A
Cooling water consumption:approx. 3 l / min
Distillation time:approx. 2 to 3 min / sample
Dimensions (W x H x D):approx. 41 x 67.5 x 41 cm
Reagent containers:any size - F-KS canister set recommended
Programmes:99 (+ 1 test programme)
Package: FoodALYT D 5000 Steam Distillation Unit
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Package: FoodALYT D 5000incl. TitroLine® easy module 2, FoodALYT software1F4700068-on demand