Syringe Dispenser MICROLAB 300

The Microlab 300 ensures pipetting results with easy-to-use software that instructs users through controlled protocols. Obtain the performance of a fully automated liquid handling platform with the flexibility and affordability of a manually controlled process.
  • Guided protocols: run-only methods reduce errors with on-screen instructions and automatic volume adjustment to guide the user.
  • User-friendly software: quickly create and run protocols with an intuitive touch screen interface.
  • Reduced fatigue: minimise strain with the lightest pipette probe in the industry.
  • Improved accuracy: automatically compensate for unique atmospheric and liquid properties.
  • Accuracy from 0.5 µl to 1 ml: the intelligent syringe drive utilises a large and small syringe to achieve accuracy and precision across a wide volume range.
  • Favorites selection: quickly access favorite dispense volumes using the probe scroll wheel.
  • Left or right handed design.
  • Lightweight hand probe.
  • Spring-assisted tip ejection.
  • ClickSure™ tips.
HAMILTON  Syringe Dispenser MICROLAB 300
HAMILTON  Syringe Dispenser MICROLAB 300HAMILTON  Syringe Dispenser MICROLAB 300HAMILTON  Syringe Dispenser MICROLAB 300HAMILTON  Syringe Dispenser MICROLAB 300  
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
MICROLAB 300 pipettor-13516710001-2,895.15Order
Printer kit-13516150004-289.81Order
ClickSure tips50 μl, racked, standard965436565-106.49Order
ClickSure tips1000 μl, racked, standard965436567-106.54Order
ClickSure tips50 μl, bulk, standard9605436568-66.02Order
ClickSure tips1000 μl, bulk, sterile9605436570-50.20Order