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J & W ultra inert capillary GC columns / Agilent Technologies 
Ultra Inert Liners / Agilent Technologies 
Columns for small molecule separations / Agilent Technologies 
Chromatographic columns, Duran tubing, with indentations / Lenz Laborglas 
GC / MS-columns with low bleeding - HP-5ms / Agilent Technologies 
 A-line quick connect fittings / Agilent Technologies 
AgilentSyringes / Agilent Technologies 
Syringe filters CHROMAFIL cellulose mixed esters (MV) / MACHEREY-NAGEL 
Syringe filters CHROMAFIL glass fibre (GF) / polyester (PET) / MACHEREY-NAGEL 
Syringe filters CHROMAFIL polyester (PET) / MACHEREY-NAGEL