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Laser light pointer / Kaiser Fototechnik 
Climatemeter / Lufft 
 Flat heating plates for housings, switch cabinets and devices / Horn 
 8010-0420: CrossLab cap, headspace crimp top, 20 mm, bimetal, magnetic, PTFE/si… / Agilent Techn 
Aluminium crimp caps ND20 / magnetic universal screw caps ND18 / LA-PHA-PAC 
Aluminium crimp for headspace vials / MACHEREY-NAGEL 
Safety Bunsen burner, natural / propane gas / Bochem 
Pocket illuminated magnifiers easyPocket / Eschenbach Optik 
Incubators IN / IF / Memmert 
Incubators INplus / IFplus / Memmert