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Metal cap, stainless steel, 38 mm / DURAN Group 
Glass syringes Fortuna Optima Luer-Lock, metal tip / Poulten & Graf 
Industrial bucket with metal handle / Bürkle 
Kickstools, metal / Dorsch, Werner 
LabHEAT metal-cased heating mantles KM-ME series, max. 450 °C / SAF Wärmetechnik 
Micro spatulas, stainless steel, metal handle / Hammacher 
SANITEX glass and metal syringes / Poulten & Graf 
Scalpels with metal handle / Heinz Herenz 
UltiMetal Plus flexible metal ferrules / Agilent Technologies 
3M™ particulate respirators Aura 9300+ series / 3M