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Benchkote / Benchkote Plus surface protector / Schleicher & Schuell 
Trade-up offer: Eppendorf Research plus BASIC pipettes, single-channel, variable / Eppendorf 
vortexer vortexing unit / Kleinfeld 
UltiMetal Plus flexible metal ferrules / Agilent Technologies 
Filtering apparatus, complete / Schott Glas 
Test tube shakers Reax Top / Reax Control / Multi Reax / Heidolph 
Tabletop meters FiveEasy pH series / Mettler Toledo 
Syringe filters Minisart NY 25 / NY 25 X plus / Sartorius 
Surgical masks Suavel Comfort Plus / Protect Plus / Meditrade 
Pipettes Research Plus 3-pack, IVD / Eppendorf