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Magnetic stirrer RCT basic / IKA-Werke 
ISO-Versinic tubing (Viton) / Saint Gobain 
Rotary vane pumps / Vacuubrand 
Gloves, Kimtech™ sterling™ nitrile Xtra™ / Kimberly-Clark 
Accessories for pipette carrousel 2 and charger carrousel 2 / Eppendorf 
FoodALYT IR infrared rapid digestion units / FoodALYT 
FoodALYT MBS / SBS micro- and standard Kjeldahl block digestion units / FoodALYT 
Fortuna Optifix Basic dispensers / Poulten & Graf 
Scalpel handles / Bayha 
Polysine adhesion slides / Menzel