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 Measuring sensors for P400 / P410 / Dostmann 
Temperature sensors for magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec, Hei-Connect and Hei-End / Heidolph 
Temperature sensors for magnetic stirrer RCT basic / IKA-Werke 
Benchtop stand STH 650 / WTW 
HERAcell VIOS 160 i CO2-Inkubatoren / Thermo Scientific 
InLab maintenance-free electrodes / Mettler Toledo 
 Sensor cables / Mettler Toledo 
Vacuum gauge VACUU¬∑VIEW extended / Vacuubrand 
Sensors for O2 SevenExcellence / SevenGo Duo / Mettler Toledo 
Conductivity sensors for Portavo meters / Knick